Lost Item Delivery Service Agreement

Customers using this service(hereinafter referred to as "GUEST") and Lost Item Delivery (hereinafter referred to as "LID") hereto enter into the lost item delivery service agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") as follows:

Article 1 (Description of Duties)
GUEST entrusts LID to perform duties to deliver items and articles that GUEST has lost in an accommodation facility (hereinafter referred to as "Subject Items") to the address designated by GUEST (hereinafter referred to as the "Entrusted Services").
The destination of the Subject Items shall be as specified in the destination information section shown at the end of this document.

Article 2 (Notes on the Delivery of Subject Items)
If it is found that, the Subject Items contain any explosives, deleterious substance or other hazardous materials listed in Appended Table (1) of the Fire Service Act after LID takes over the Subject Items from the accommodation facility, LID shall immediately give notice to a fire department, police station or other relevant agency. GUEST shall not state its objection regarding this matter.
If the Subject Items are a home appliance, LID shall not turn on the power to check the power condition and/or the normal operational status of the Subject Items.
If the Subject Items contain cash money, it shall be transferred in the form of electronic money through conversion at the exchange rate of the date of the transfer + one (1) Japanese yen, while the wallet/purse shall be delivered separately. However, if GUEST requests for the disposal of the wallet/purse, LID shall do so.
If the delivery destination of the Subject Items is outside Japan, GUEST shall bear any taxes incurred for the transportation of the Subject Items.

Article 3 (Personal Information of Facility Users)
LID shall use GUEST’s personal information, such as its name, address and contact information only for the purpose of delivering the Subject Items and executing the Entrusted Services, and shall not provide or disclose the Subject Items to a third party, provided, however, that this shall not apply where the consent of GUEST is obtained.

Article 4 (Payment of Delivery Fees and Actual Expenses)
Delivery fees for the Subject Items shall be determined on the price list that is designated by LID according to the delivery destination, the nature and weight of the Subject Items, and other related conditions.
Actual expenses incurred for transportation, packaging, and other costs associated with the execution of the Entrusted Services shall be borne by GUEST.
LID shall propose the amount of fees and actual expenses to GUEST. Once GUEST accepts this proposal, GUEST shall pay the agreed amount to an account designated by LID by using an electronic data processing system or other information communication technology.
Upon confirmation of the payment of fees set forth in the preceding paragraph, LID shall undertake the delivery work of the Subject Items.

Article 5 (Damages)
If any damage is caused to the Subject Items by LID’s negligence in transit from the shipment by LID to the arrival to GUEST’s address, LID shall be liable for any damages caused to the Subject Items.
If the Subject Items are delivered outside Japan, the liability assumed by LID as stated in the preceding paragraph shall continue until the moment when the Subject Items are handed over to another service provider that delivers the Subject Items outside Japan.

Article 6 (Burden of Risk)
In the event that the Subject Items are lost or damaged due to reasons not attributable to both parties, GUEST may not request the reimbursement of the delivery fees.
In the case of the preceding paragraph, GUEST may request LID to reimburse the paid portion of the actual expenses that exceeds the actual expenses incurred by the occurrence of the loss or damage of the Subject Items.

Article 7 (Governing Law of This Agreement)
This Agreement shall be governed under the laws of Japan.

Article 8 (Jurisdiction)
Any disputes arising in relation to this Agreement shall be exclusively brought to a summary court or district court which has jurisdiction over the location of LID’s head office in the first instance.


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Address:874-0927 大分県別府市弓ヶ浜町5-20
Phone number:050-3579-4962
Name of the company:LOST ITEM DELIVERY

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